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Sampson® Hanger Bracket

  • It supports the gutter like no other bracket available.
  • The patented truss design is easy to understand.
  • Completely hidden from view.

Compare a Sampson® gutter hanger bracket to the most commonly used bracket - see the difference!


"Sampson Hangers support 80 lbs"



"Commonly used hangers sag with only 15 lbs"


How strong should they be?
This two foot gutter, full of water, weighs 15 lbs.
That means the support bracket should hold up at least 15 lbs without sagging down. Maximum load (gutter full of water and debris) can be as high as 40 lbs!

Choose wisely
Some brackets do a poor job of supporting the gutter when it is full of water.

All of us have seen gutters sagging and falling down.

This homeowner was disappointed by the contractor’s choice of support bracket.

The bracket you use, makes the difference.

Sampson® Hangers are “Engineered to support.”


Superior strength


GutterStandards.com - Gutters are considered an accessory and are not subject to building codes or regulation so learn the differences between a good gutter installation and a bad one.

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Sampson® Hangers
were created to improve the quality of gutter supports. By changing the shape of the bracket, the weight that the hanger could support, increased dramatically.

The Sampson® Hanger was engineered using aircraft standards. Aircraft engineering builds safety into every component. The load requirements were researched and the bracket was designed to easily carry the load, and then some.

It has been approved by;

  • Structural engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Several gutter machine manufactures including Cliffhanger, and Panther
  • Building inspectors in St Paul MN

Sampson Inc. has been supplying brackets to these companies for years.

  • America’s largest seamless gutter franchises; ABC Seamless, Gutter Helmet
  • Builders; Pulte, Orrin Thompson, Lennar
  • Gutter Suppliers; Alside, Reynolds, Alcoa, Allied, EDCO,Arrowhead, ABC Supply, Lansing Building Products
  • Lumberyards; Lamperts, Roof Depot and others privately owned
  • Hardware store suppliers; Wausau Supply, Southeastern Metals, Construction Metals Corp, Gibraltar Building Products

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